Bitters & Sharps Orchard

We are Bitters & Sharps Orchard. We specialize in growing agricultural products to meet cider and craft beverage industry needs. We are in the building phase of planting on our 36 acre farm parcel of true cider apple varieties!

We provide custom grafting, orchard planning, and consultation services. Apple sales and scion wood sales also available.

We source certified virus free rootstock regionally, from a third generation family rootstock farm. Our scion wood is collected from our own orchard as well as from local orchard partners. 

In winter, when the fruit trees are dormant, we are busy grafting. We take the time to select rootsock and scion pairs and then graft them by hand. The union is wrapped and sealed with care and trees are ready to plant in early spring. We typically graft about 1,000 trees per season and are happy to graft a few trees for your backyard or enough to fill your orchard.